Which is the largest river basin in india

Let us tell you which is the largest river basin in India Let’s first learn something about what a basin is –

Which is the largest river basin in india

The basin is also called River Droni in pure Hindi language.
The river basin is generally called the site of the river where the main current flows along with the waters of its tributaries. In simple words, the way of flow of rivers is called river basin.

There are many rivers in India, some big and some very small, but the largest river basin of India is of the Ganges.

The Ganges flows 861450 square kilometers Sanctifying India, that is. After crossing Uttarakhand through its origin point Uttarakhand. it travels to Vihar Jharkhand and finally West Bengal and gets absorbed in the bay of Bengal, thus traveling 2550 kilometers.

Let me introduce you that mother Ganga flows with her Yamuna Chambal Mansi Sindh Parvati Betwa Gomti Ghaghra Gandak Koshi Mahananda etc.

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